I love cold rainy days paired with the warmth of a good sweater.

Actually in a bad mood right now, because of insecurities buuuuuut, I just wanna thank God for the simple things and for all the blessings he has given me. There’s always something to be happy about. 

Kyot kyot ni kuya lakichan. 🙈

Kyot kyot ni kuya lakichan. 🙈


Oh. My. Goodness. 

Last year, during my second semester, I dropped my Java course, which is my major, because it is a mother fucking pain in the ass. And now that I’m taking it again, I can’t believe it’s twice as hard as it was. I have no hope in this programming course. Yet I want to learn, I want to be a programmer, I want to program stuff, I BADLY want to understand the tactics of programming. But damn.. It’s the first day and I’m literally giving up. Fml. 

Someone please help me in this!! :(( 

September 4, 2014 | Beer pong night.

Not complete plus nobody got drunk, but it was a really fun night. Beer pong, and dancing lights. You know it is. Pero, eto ung last push namin bago mag pasukan. Which I doubt. Haha!

Anonymous said:
hi miss i'm making tambay at your tumblr right now you so bading sometimes hahahahhhaa love, your stalker :)))

Hello stalker, I’m not the only bading here though. Also my tropa peeps! And we’re bading sometimes because why the fuck not?:))

August 14, 2014 

We have this bad habit of never saying no to alcohol and we can’t seem to stop. It’s just sad that my bud, alcohol, only gives me temporary happiness. Having hangover is the worst.

August 4, 2014

I didn’t notice that it’s already August 11 today, and the pictures above feel like it was just taken yesterday. I invited my friends to come over because it was my dad’s birthday, and because we had to film a video message for our friend’s debut that was requested by her mom. We weren’t supposed to drink but my mom insisted. So yeah, we chilled, sang the karaoke, and stayed up until 3 in the morning. Wishing it was like this every single day of my summer vacation but nigga, fuck that.